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Scrub Away To Keep Mold At Bay

Scrub away to keep mold at bay

If you live in the Dover area, you know all too well what humid air and warm temperatures do to white fences, white patio furniture, and white siding. If you don't pay close attention and pressure wash these marquee features of your property, over time, they will develop unsightly black streaks that will be tough, if not impossible to fully remove, and likely leave a stain of some kind.

Pressure washing, whether of the traditional nature or more of the soft washing type, is one of the most effective approaches to ensuring white vinyl doesn't fall prey to the Delaware elements. The combination of proper detergents and adjustments to water temperature and pressure will ensure the contaminants are washed away.

About That White Patio Furniture

If you store your vinyl or plastic chairs and table during the winter, it will still gather a fair amount of dust and dirt over time. And when it comes time to break out these pieces, a proper pressure washing treatment will prepare them for the warmer months.

Pressure washing these pieces isn't difficult. It just requires a little bit of time and creativity. Consider starting with soft washing to remove that first layer of dirt. Next, wipe them down with a damp rag or a handi-wipe. A Magic Eraser is especially effective too. Then rinse every inch of the furniture, especially those tricky spots under the table and between the slots on the chairs.

Patio And Pressure Washing Is Another Must-Do

Finally, when it's time to set up your outdoor space, make sure the footing is contaminant-free. So after you clean off the leaves, branches, and silt, thoroughly pressure wash the pavement, pavers, or cobblestone.

It might then require a soft-washing patio and pressure washing treatment to get between the cracks and prevent mold and mildew from taking hold as the temperatures warm.