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Laurel's Leading Pressure Washing Services

Sidewalk cleaning

The experts at Vanguard Power Washing offer a full slate of pressure washing services in Laurel. Regardless of what the home maintenance needs are -- sidewalk cleaning, house washing, or roof cleaning -- we stand at the ready to deliver.

Don't delay -- call Vanguard Power Washing, and our pressure washing professionals will inspect any exterior surfaces that need attention, offer a fair and competitive estimate, and provide the specific service your Laurel home requires. Pressure washing a home in Laurel involves more than just using the correct water pressure. It also may require:

  • Extra care around windows
  • Adjustments in water temperature
  • Attention to the most minute details
  • Proper and effective equipment

Vanguard Power Washing ensures every aspect of your pressure washing needs is met. We guarantee it.

Laurel's Roof Cleaning Experts Are At Vanguard Power Washing

Algae. Moss. Mold. Mildew. And then some. Your roof gets dirty, and then there's the impact of warm temperature and all kinds of precipitation.

Schedule your roof cleaning treatments, and then watch how Vanguard Power Washing goes to work employing care and precision as we work to clean your roof and gutters.

Whether it requires traditional pressure washing or a soft-wash approach, our experts can turn up the pressure when needed or apply eco-friendly detergents to remove pesky mold and mildew streaks.

Our Laurel Pressure Washing Experts Are Ready To Wash Away Your Worries

Whether you've tired of oil stains on the driveway or water erosion widening those sidewalk cracks, concrete cleaning is likely what you need. The Vanguard Power Washing pressure washing team will go to work and scrub away pavement contaminants and unwanted breaks in the sidewalk. This high-traffic area is a high-priority area; give it the attention it deserves.

Our services include pressure washing options for your commercial business as well. Your business is your passion, so let our team wash away dirt and grime from your building's exterior.

And our concrete cleaning methods remove unsightly oil stains, gum, and other annoying substances that always seem to find their way into your parking lot. Vanguard Power Washing will cleanse these surfaces and set a positive tone for your customers.

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